Extra-Curricular Activities

At Horizons we want our students to be enthusiastic about life and learning. We believe it is important that students find a balance between school work and life experiences and therefore in addition to a full academic program we offer a variety of ways for students to grow outside of the classroom by trying new things and experiencing what life and the community has to offer.


Horizons offers a number of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities students can participate in. This includes: Leadership Team,  Yearbook Team, Art Council, Intramural Sports, Gaming/Programming Club. Activities are based on student interest and vary from year to year.


SOAR provides opportunities throughout the school year for students to become actively engaged in the community through volunteer experiences, and to participate in various athletic and recreational activities. Students are encouraged to try new things and experience what Canada and the four seasons have to offer. Activities can include:

  • Volunteer Experiences: Community Garden, Food Bank Drive, Chats with Seniors, Trash Bash

  • Spring & Summer Activities: Tubing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Beach Days

  • Fall Activities: Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Biking, Hiking, Soccer

  • Winter Activities: Skating, Skiing, Snowboarding, Curling, Snowman Building Competition

  • Indoor Activities: Bowling, Badminton, Pool, Table Tennis

  • STEM Challenges: Paper Planes, Balloon Cars, Building Bridges, Egg Drop Devices, Tower Building

  • Visit Community Places: Orchards, Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Maple Sugar Bush, Air Force Museum

  • Trips: Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Niagara Falls

Each student and staff member is assigned a Guild at the start of the year. While designated a colour it is up to the group to determine their name and logo/mascot. Throughout the year Guilds earn points through their individual and group participation in spirit events, friendly competitions with other Guilds, involvement in SOAR and co-curricular activities and various other means. The goal of the Horizons' Guild System is to encourage school spirit, and a sense of belonging as well as an opportunity for leadership and fun.

SOAR (Student Outreach, Athletics & Recreation)

The Guild System